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Discover the Lampe Berger Essential Set in a classic shape with subtle curves. The clear, modern design and the transparency of the high-quality glass can be integrated into any interior. In the set with the neutral fragrance 250 ml and the lemon verbena 250 ml fragrance, the Essentielle lamp is perfect for getting to know the ritual of the catalytic lamp. Discover the cleansing effect of the neutral scent and enjoy the fresh scent of lemon verbena full of citrus notes. Both fragrances will create a fresh atmosphere. Try it out and let your home scented.

The lamp is supplied in a high-quality cardboard box with a catalytic burner, an extinguishing cap and a funnel as accessories. The set also includes the neutral scent 250 ml and the lemon verbena scent 250 ml.

  • Lampe Berger - the innovation in air purification and scenting
  • The Berger lamp is highly effective against kitchen, pet and tobacco odors. It destroys unpleasant smells and ensures a pleasant fragrance


16 cm



Protective crown

Shiny silver




380 ml

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