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You watch the weather raging outside while you sit quietly at home on your couch in front of the stove with a good book. The perfect atmosphere, which is completed by this fragrance composition. The Seductive Sandalwood fragrance contains all the riches of the Orient. Cardamom, spicy and fresh, brings in its powdery, olfactory charm. This is combined with sandalwood, which is velvety and pink in the top note. Generous white jasmine, myrtle and resinous cedar with heart notes round off these nuances. In the base notes, the sensuality is underlined by amber and vanilla.

  • Lampe Berger - the innovation in air purification and scenting
  • Lampe Berger is highly effective against: kitchen odors - pet odors - tobacco odors .


Rose, cardamom, sandalwood


Cedar, myrtle, white jasmine


Sandalwood, amber, vanilla

Lampe Berger fragrance 500ml "Seductive Sandalwood"

100 Milliliters
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