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A touch of the exotic: With our thin, crispy coconut slices with skin, we will whisk you away to the tropics. Here you get the full coconut flavor in every piece.

Where does the coconut come from?

The exact origin of the coconut is not known with certainty. It probably comes from the Indonesian Sunda Islands, a group of islands in the Pacific. Since the coconuts are lighter than the sea water, they swim on the surface of the water and can cover long distances to other shores. That is how they likely spread as well.

What can coconut chips be used for and what ingredients do they contain?

The delicious coconut slices refine your muesli, yoghurt or exotic dishes. Of course, our coconut slices also taste great as a snack in between meals. Packed in a can, you can take the slices with you anywhere. The coconut is particularly nutritious and contains a lot of fiber.


Coconut slices with skin

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